Launching Respectful Exits: Time to Retire “Retirement”

By Paul Rupert, Respectful Exits “Everyone talks about working longer, but few do anything about it…” A serious challenge is upon us, and we are heading for a crisis. The longstanding practice of treating older workers as disposable and a burden, the first to be downsized, neglected or slated for premature retirement has run into [...]

Age Bias Hurts Everyone – and Especially Women

By Meryle Mahrer Kaplan, Respectful Exits Age bias damages people and affects all workers. Just as women face a variety of forms of discrimination at work, they face greater challenges as they age.  Gender bias intersects with age and other factors like race and ethnicity and adds a unique set of burdens.  In general, women [...]

A Federal Verdict: Phasing Retirement Desirable, Doable

By Paul Rupert, Respectful Exits The GAO examines phasing into retirement and sees great value The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is the audit, evaluation, and investigative arm of Congress. The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging asked it to conduct a study of Phased Retirement early in 2016. We were asked to provide input to [...]

Disrupt Aging” – Time to Challenge the “Sell-By Date”

“It's better to get out before you reach the sell-by date." – Britain’s Prince Philip, announcing his “phased retirement” at age 95 The “Energizer” Prince scales back Ask a million Americans when a worker should retire and most are likely to suggest the traditional “sell-by date” of 65. For decades this has been the presumed [...]

Let’s Stop Pre-Mature Retirement Now

By Janice Gallick There is a phenomenon occurring that is under many people’s radar screens: youthful, energetic, intelligent, contributing adults are retiring before they are ready, and often before their employers can effectively handle their mass departures. The impact of pre-mature retirement is beginning to be recognized in many organizations. If this growing exodus is [...]