Interviewing Paul Rupert, Pioneer in Transforming Retirement

The following is based on an interview, conducted by Janice Gallick, Associate Director of Respectful Exits, with Paul Rupert, Executive Director of Respectful Exits. Question: “Respectful Exits” sounds good. What’s so disrespectful about the way we treat older workers and retirement now? Answer: Our employers and most of us are stuck in a 100 year-old [...]

Happy 2018 – The Year Employers Take up the Older Worker Baton

by Paul Rupert - Executive Director, Respectful Exits                                       The new tax plan and budget: a tipping point for respectful retirement This year portends not more of the same for older workers, but a classic “tipping point.” A review of Malcolm Gladwell’s book of that name captures this phenomenon: [It] argues for the proposition that minor [...]

Let’s Talk Turkey – and Transitions – this Thanksgiving

By Paul Rupert, Respectful Exits In our era of insecure aging, it’s time for more than toasts and wishbones Many of us consider Thanksgiving one of our great national events - a holiday organized around the great unifiers of food, family and - for some -- football. Typically the generations gather and catch up and [...]

Launching Respectful Exits: Time to Retire “Retirement”

By Paul Rupert, Respectful Exits “Everyone talks about working longer, but few do anything about it…” A serious challenge is upon us, and we are heading for a crisis. The longstanding practice of treating older workers as disposable and a burden, the first to be downsized, neglected or slated for premature retirement has run into [...]

Age Bias Hurts Everyone – and Especially Women

By Meryle Mahrer Kaplan, Respectful Exits Age bias damages people and affects all workers. Just as women face a variety of forms of discrimination at work, they face greater challenges as they age.  Gender bias intersects with age and other factors like race and ethnicity and adds a unique set of burdens.  In general, women [...]