Scripps Health – Healthcare

This San Diego-based system includes four hospitals, 19 outpatient facilities and 13,000 employees.

As part of the Scripps Life Cycle employment concept, the organization looks for ways for employees to phase into retirement over a period of years by providing flexible scheduling and benefits to part time employees. As an employer, phasing allows Scripps to retain a highly skilled employee base with a wealth of experience and to keep the older, experienced employee on the payroll for as long as possible.

To accommodate those employees who are considering flexible retirement options, Scripps has implemented retiree benefits in a phased approach. Individuals may select their retirement options based on their lifestyle. As a health care provider and employer, Scripps is very aware of the rising costs of health care, and especially its impact on retiring employees. They offer several health insurance options for phasing retirees—early retirement, staged retirement, and Medicare-eligible retirement. At Scripps, the average age of an RN is 47, and it is continuing to rise.

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