Campaign Action Details

Join the Campaign

Enthusiastic and committed supporters are the lifeblood of this campaign and key to our success. You can join and contribute at these levels.

$25/ year – Campaigners make an annual commitment, which includes our monthly newsletter, organizational and individual success stories, resource and event alerts and more.

$50/ year – Sustainers make an ongoing commitment which includes the Campaigner benefits plus access to specialty tools for publicizing the campaign and organizing local events

$100/ year – Trailblazers receive sustainer level benefits plus access to our individual Phaser Request Tool. This step-by-step online guide to requesting a phased retirement schedule includes downloadable forms and sample versions that address the redesign of work and knowledge transfer processes.

We will contact you when we receive your submission.

Longevity Forum

These multi-purpose voluntary groups will focus on eliminating age discrimination with a set of mini-campaigns designed to lengthen effective extended work. We support the groups with agendas, materials, how-to-organize kits, technical assistance and national coordination of some activities/events. Streams can include ongoing training equality, physical and financial wellness, education about and persuasion strategies for phased retirement, etc.

Employer Pledge

Framed as a commitment to true equal opportunity in employment principles, the pledge focuses on performance, not myths and assumptions, and a belief in well-designed and executed flexible work. The pledge may commit employers to:

• Maintaining proportional training commitment to employees across the lifecycle
• Ending the practice of age-based termination of employees in downsizings
• Normalizing flexible work practices, including part-time, across the organization
• Establishing a formal phased retirement program
• Educating the organization and training participants for success
• Participating in national visibility and validation efforts to normalize the practice

Considering Respectful Exits Toolkit

Available to interested companies and to employee forums to use for internal company education, this set of materials includes research summaries, case studies, recorded webinars, and website outlines.