The leaders of the Respectful Exits campaign proudly exemplify the experience, vigor and determination of those working beyond the sell-by date. They bring a wealth of experience to this effort. They are engaging people from entry-level millennials to those working into their 80s in this transformation of retirement that will eventually serve all of us.

Paul Rupert, Executive Director

Paul has forty-five years of nonprofit management and consulting experience:

• He founded and managed innovative nonprofits in healthcare, legal services, mediation, publishing and advocacy campaigns

• He played a pivotal role in promoting the practice of flexible scheduling and staffing throughout the economy

• His firm Rupert & Co. consulted to a hundred companies+ on creating flexible schedules; he currently works with clients on phased retirement

Janice Gallick, Associate Director

Janice brings strong advertising, marketing and social media skills to the project:

• Janice brings strong marketing, advertising, partner management, and social media skills to the project

• She served as VP Communications, Board of Trustees, Fundraising at Colitis Foundation of America, and a leader in the Promotion Marketing Association

• Janice co-founded and led marketing of CareCircle programs, software to enable coordination of care for elders and others needing sustained support

• She led partner management at, a national network of 30,000 local community websites; relationships included AARP

Meryle Mahrer Kaplan, Advisory Director

Meryle has led consulting, education and advocacy projects for three decades:

• She conducted corporate needs assessments and consultation through the major child care providers RCCM and Bright Horizons

• Her long focus on women’s advocacy work began with a university-based and community-oriented women’s center that mobilized and included diverse constituencies on issues including sexual harassment and abuse

• For nearly two decades she directed US and global advisory services for Catalyst, the premier organization for the advancement of women

Kate Sweeney, Development Director

Kate offers the fruits of her long and unique success in nonprofit funding, from grant-writing and corporate partnerships to sponsorships and events:

• Her broad skill set includes Board recruitment and development, web and social media mastery and organizational and program development and service depth

• She was a pioneer in media start-ups Sidewalk and Oxygen, and long-term leader of Cosmetic Executive Women’s Cancer and Careers project

• She turned the idea of supporting employees with cancer and their concerned employers into a robust web-based and direct service program that integrated ongoing treatment with continued work

• CAC engaged hundreds of employers in rethinking their policies toward those diagnosed with cancer and served more than 365,000 people annually

KathleenChristensenKathleen Christensen, Advisory Board Chair

Kathleen combines decades of seminal research, advocacy and philanthropy in service of innovative flexible and older worker programs.

• As Working Longer Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, she has funded innovative research and programs in support of older workers

• Her earlier academic research and publications on work-from-home, along with years of creative funding, strengthened workplace flexibility and family-friendly business practices

• She is Board Chairperson of Open Work, a best practices platform for companies reinventing where, when and how work gets done

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