Paul Rupert is President of Rupert & Company and Director of Respectful Exits. Over three decades his teams have worked with more than 100 companies to develop mutually respectful flexibility initiatives, including highly effective phased retirement programs. As the Boomer cohort moves toward retirement in record numbers, the time has come to rethink traditional approaches to both retirement and “phased retirement.”

Respectful Exits explores and promotes such options. Our blog offers ongoing commentary on inventive and effective ways to maximize the continuing contribution and greater satisfaction of older workers.

These new approaches are drawn from Paul’s previous work as Associate Director of New Ways to Work in the 1980s, where he began his advocacy for creative approaches to retirement. Recent projects have created tools and processes to solve critical problems such as knowledge transfer and redesign of full-time positions.

Mr. Rupert consults, speaks and writes widely about flexible staffing and scheduling and is quoted regularly in outlets from the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News and CBS News to NPR, Marketplace and Newsweek. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Phone:  301-873-8489