The leaders of the Respectful Exits campaign proudly exemplify the experience, vigor and determination of those working beyond the sell-by date. They bring a wealth of experience to this effort. They are engaging people from entry-level millennials to those working into their 80s in this transformation of retirement that will eventually serve all of us.

Paul Rupert, Executive Director

Paul has forty-five years of nonprofit management and consulting experience:

• He founded and managed innovative nonprofits in healthcare, legal services, mediation, publishing and advocacy campaigns

• He played a pivotal role in promoting the practice of flexible scheduling and staffing throughout the economy

• His firm Rupert & Co. consulted to a hundred companies+ on creating flexible schedules; he currently works with clients on phased retirement

Janice Gallick, Communications Director

Janice brings strong advertising, marketing and social media skills to the project:

• During a 15-year career in New York advertising firms, she managed campaigns for clients from Coca-Cola to Hearst magazines

• Janice co-founded and led marketing of CareCircle, software to enable coordination of care for elders and others needing sustained support

• In the last decade she provided marketing and communications services to, a platform supporting a national network of 30,000 local community websites. Her partner relationships included AARP

Meryle Mahrer Kaplan, Advisory Director

Meryle has led consulting, education and advocacy projects for three decades:

• She conducted corporate needs assessments and consultation through the major child care providers RCCM and Bright Horizons

• Her long focus on women’s advocacy work began with a university-based and community-oriented women’s center that mobilized and included diverse constituencies on issues including sexual harassment and abuse

• For nearly two decades she directed US and global advisory services for Catalyst, the premier organization for the advancement of women

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