Scholar Josh Gotbaum of Brookings told a retirement conference that working longer is like the weather: “Everyone talks about it, but few do anything about it; and even fewer prepare for it.” Respectful Exits is stepping into that void. Nothing short of a sustained, diverse and multi-level national campaign can mobilize the millions of people across the workforce who need the transformation of retirement. This force can combat age bias, end 65 as the “sell-by date” and normalize new and better ways of transitioning out of full-time work. Among the required steps are:

Mobilizing aging workers Our strength is in our numbers and we can:

  • Follow and encourage innovative activities through the Respectful Exits blog
  • Email us your feedback and personal stories (to be treated confidentially)
  • Circulate our forthcoming petition to coworkers, friends and family
  • Create and join coworkers in our workplaces to encourage change
  • Support employers in signing the Employer Pledge (in development)
  • Donate now to help develop a strong organization to advance our goals
  • Participate in and accelerate our crowdfunding campaigns as they develop
  • Use our soon-to-be-released Respectful Exits employee request tool
  • Participate in public events that promote the evolving agenda
  • Share your views and our collective agenda through all forms of social media

Signing up for the blog will give you a window into all the activities as they evolve – and give us a way to connect with you as our effort matures.

Supporting employers Dispelling myths and providing models for the hesitant

  • Catalog and share key challenges and road-maps to overcome them
  • Identify and promote the success of long-term efforts across industries
  • Encourage appropriate levels of technical assistance to employers
  • Collaborate to find and eliminate regulatory and other barriers to change
  • Highlight the signers of the Employer Pledge across media platforms